Important Lessons From Great Leaders In History

May 30, 2012

great leaders in history

Many great historical leaders lead by example. And the examples they lead by still serve as great lessons today that we can use to teach people in the work place to be better at their jobs. And by using great leaders in history as examples business managers are helping to ensure their own continued success. So who are some of these famous leaders? And what can we learn from these revolutionaries?

Great Leaders in History

There are lessons to be learned going all the way back to ancient Roman and Greek times from Socrates who instead of lecturing his pupil would ask them meaningful questions thus stimulating their minds to seek out the answers on their own and causing them to actively participate in problem solving exercises. This is an easy to use technique. Instead of lecturing employees about things like how to go about achieving strategic business objectives ask them how they think it should be done. Once you have asked your employees will see that you value their opinion and that they are a true part of the company, not just a cog. They will appreciate this feeling and work harder and more diligently to support the structure that accepts them.

So what other great leaders in history can we learn from in order to help improve performance in our work place? How about one of America’s most beloved founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson? It was Thomas Jefferson’s driving belief in a “fair Society” that helped shape the structure of the constitution of the United States of America This is a great attitude to use when approaching office management.  Fair allocation of duties and responsibilities as well as praise and respect for all employees will create a strong and enduring office culture where everyone is happy to be a part of the team because they feel as respected and appreciated as the next person. Prompting them to work harder and happier than if they where in an office where they were treated unfairly or lesser than others.

Another of the great leaders in history that is good to emulate in the office place is Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison’s innovations and ideas are unparalleled by any other inventors, and his idea factory is well known for helping other inventors to create dozens of their own visions.  Promoting an atmosphere of creative thinking and innovative ideas will not only invigorate employees’ spirits it will also help solve your own work problems and have the company running on a much higher level that you never thought was possible. So it is good to except and encourage innovative thinking like Thomas Edison did.

So take these valuable lessons from great historical figures and learn from them yourself. Employ what you learn in the work place and use it to benefit your employees, because in the end it will benefit you as well. Engage them in active thinking like Socrates did with his pupils. Promote a fair and equal work place like Thomas Jefferson did when helping as one of the authors of the Constitution of the United States. And allow your workers to be creative out of the box thinkers like Thomas Edison and his group of inventors.

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