What’s inLeadership Development Plan Template?

July 19, 2012


Planning is normally considered as the basis of action. It is believed that when an individual has a plan in mind, he or she takes the ideal course of action in order to implement it. This is usually how these plans usually materialize into reality. It is believed that an individual having a plan in mind is never enough, and for it to work, putting or writing it on a paper is more effective and ideal.

Speaking out your plans towards improving your leadership qualities and skills gives you a vision and also a goal to work toward it. This is because it tells you about the course of action in which you are required to undertake, along with the period within which your goal must be achieved. Adhering to these factors ensures that you have a concrete base in which you can easily be able to build your vision.

Also, if you have written your goals or your plans of action down on a paper, your accountability and commitment towards them normally increases. It also ensures that your comfort zone is subdivided and thus you are able to stretch your capacity which assists you improve yourself and be able to achieve all the attainable goals you have set for yourself. However, there are some obstacles you are likely to encounter on the way. It is your responsibility to ensure or to come up with a manner in which you can overcome all the obstacles you are likely to encounter on the way. Doing all these will make you emerge a more confident, and stronger person. Let us now have a look at some of the things that you can include in your leadership development template that can make you more successful.
What should be included in the leadership development plan template?
The following tips can assist you develop a very ideal leadership development plan.


Developing an effective leadership plan needs you assess and monitoring your weaknesses and strengths as a leader. Try to note down where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are. Where you have rooms for improvement ensure that you improve yourself.

Set Goals

The goals you set must be smart and attainable. Thus, ensure that these goals you set are measurable, specific, realistic, time-based and acceptable. Ensure that you note the reason why you want to achieve the goals, and also the difference they will bring in your professional life.


Since you know what you want to achieve in life, it is essential that you build your vision by writing down on a piece of paper the course of action you wish to take towards your achievements.


Use the assistance of your mentors or your colleagues in improvising your plans.

Monitor Progress

This involves monitoring your progress as you work towards your goals. If for instance you think these is not working as you expected, change the course of action to something else you believe will be more effective.

In conclusion, you must ensure that any goal you set is realistic and attainable so that you don’t get disappointed on the way.

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